Parts 4 Less
U Pull

1598 Baseline Road West
Courtice ON L1E 2S5

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

If I do not wish to take on the responsibilities involved in the Part4less U-Pull self-service method of acquiring parts, Dom's Auto Parts, Parts4less's full-service operation may be a better option. Please ask the attendant for more information if self serve is not for you.

I will use my own tools to remove vehicle parts from the vehicles on the lot of the Parts4less U-Pull lot. I agree to pay Parts4less U-pull, at the prices posted on the parts4less U-pull price sheets, for any parts I remove and wish to take with me. I understand that, if I am not careful, I could cause injury to my body when I remove parts from the vehicles in the parts4less U-pull lot I will be entering. I assume the risk of such injury, and release Part4less U-pull and Dom's Auto Parts Co.Ltd from any liability for such injury. I understand that no employee of Parts4less U-pull will be helping me remove parts from the vehicles. If someone other than an employee of Parts4less U-pull is careless and causes me bodily injury while I am on the lot, I release Part4less U-pull from any liability for such an injury.

I understand that any tools or personal property that I take into the Part4less U-Pull lot will be subject to inspection by a Part4less U-Pull employee upon entering and exiting the Part4less U-Pull Lot. I also understand those items are my responsibility to manage. Part4less U-Pull is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If I deceive the attendant and bring in unapproved items such as torches or jacks, I understand that I will be asked to leave and any injury occurring for the use of these items is NOT the responsibility of Part4less U-Pull.

I understand the hoists which are provided for my use are for lifting vehicle PARTS and they are NOT to be used to lift the vehicles from the stands which hold the vehicles. Any tools purchased and used are the responsibility and liability of the tool manufacturer and Part4less U-Pull.

I understand I will be crossing a railroad tracks and will look before using the crossing. I will use the crossing at my own risk and release Part4less U-Pull from any liability, injury or damaged caused by my actions.

I have carefully read this document and understand its purpose and contents. I have had the opportunity to discuss this waiver with a representative from Parts 4 Less. I do hereby reaffirm my intention to waive my legal rights and remedies against Parts4less for any injuries I sustain. Including any injuries resulting from the negligence of Part4less by signing this document.

I represent to Parts4less U-pull that I am over 16 years of age.